Affiliate Signup:

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Our Affiliates benefit from:

High Payouts: We match your lead with a lender and you get paid. Simple as that, earn up to $100 per approved loan lead.

Professional and highly experienced lenders. Loans are approved within seconds.

Competitive bi-weekly commission payouts (Payouts are only triggered when account balance exceeds $100).

Weekly payout opportunities (Weekly payouts are triggered when weekly account balance exceeds $1000).

How it Works:

1. You signup to become an affiliate (See: Sign-up Page).

2. You are provided with links to the websites for each loan type you elect to sign up to be an affiliate for (Tax Loans, Holiday Loans, Cash Advances or Personal Loans).

3. You place the provided links onto your website, business cards, give directly to clients or promote the service in other ways you see fit (No email list campaigns allowed and you must notify us when you use any promotional method other then website, business cards or directly to clients.).

4. Your client uses your link to come to the website and when they are approved for a loan you earn 80% of what we are able to sell the loan for to our select group of lenders (Depending on many yet changing factors, we are always able to sell approved loans for between $1.25 and $125. Therefore, your profit per approved loan will be between $1 and $100, for leads that you provide via your affiliate links.).

5. When your client is approved for a loan the loan proceeds are deposited directly into their bank account. The loan repayent, including fees, is automatically drafted from that same bank account (The client must deposit their check or tax refund directly into the same bank account that was used for loan funding as that is where loan repayment will be drafted on the loan due date. All loan questions should be made directly to the lender).

6. You login to your account to see how much each loan, you generated, sold for and therefore how much you've earned (See: Login Page).


Here's what you'll need to know about us:

We have a staff of experienced online marketers who will guide you every step of the way.

We take compliance and the law very seriously. This helps us protect our affiliates, lenders, and consumers.

We pair high quality lenders with the best affiliates to ensure the best performance.

We provide multiple payout options including: check, wire transfer, ACH or PayPal (forms of payment other then checks have a fee associated).

We are always trying to improve our system through feedback directly from affiliates like you.

Manage Your Account with Ease:

Easy affiliate account sign up (all on 1 page).

Easy to navigate interface (all on 1 page).

Real time commission report (all on 1 page)